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The Token


courtesy of - accredited to Charles Dibdin lived 1740-1814  - A bit of a love story but the details are - read more

The breeze was fresh, the ship was in stays Each breaker hushed the shore a haze

When Jack no more on duty called His true love's tokens over hauled

The broken gold, the braided hair The tender motto, writ so fair

Upon his tobacco box he views Nancy the poet love the muse

CHORUS after each verse:

If you loves I as I loves you, No pair so happy as we two.

The storm that like the shapeless wreck Had strewed with rigging all the deck

That tars for sharks had given a feast And left the ship a hulk had ceased

When Jack, as with his messmates dear He shared the grog their hearts to cheer

Took from his tobacco box a quid And spelled for comfort on the lid

The battle that with horror grim Had madly ravaged life and limb

Had scupper drenched with human gore And widowed many a wife was o'er

When Jack to his companions dear First paid the tribute of a tear

Then O as his tobacco box he held Restored his comfort as he spelled

The voyage, that had been long and hard But that had yielded full reward

And bought each sailor to his friend Happy and rich was at an end

When Jack his toils and perils o'er Beheld his Nancy on the shore

He then the tobacco box displayed And cried and seized the yielding maid

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