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The Dogger Bank


courtesy of - about a trip of sailing from Dogger Bank to Great Grimsby and mentions of the character of the crew.

Sailing over the Dogger Bank, wasn't it a treat   
The wind a-blowing 'bout east-nor'east  so we had to give her sheet;

You ought to see us rally, the wind a-blowing free

On passage from the Dogger Bank to Great Grimsby.

CHORUS sung after each verse

So watch her, trigger the proper ju-ber-ju,

Give her sheet and let her rip

We're the boys to pull her through,

You ought to have seen us rally

The wind a-blowing free, on passage

From the Dogger Bank To Great Grimsby

Now our captain he's a shang-a-roosh, he likes a drop of good ale

Our mate he's a roadstone prat inspector, He's been seen in many a goal

Our third hand he's a bushranger, he come on deck and received the mail

And you give a look at our old cook he's so hoppity wild

 Now we are the boys to make a noise when we come home from sea

We get right drunk and roll on the floor and cause a jubilee

We get right drunk and full of beer, we roll all over the floor

And when our rent it is all spent, We'll go to sea for more.

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