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The Banks of Sweet Loch Ray


courtesy of - of Scottish origin

I am as poor a distressed maid as ever yet was known.
By love I'm captivated which is proved my overthrow.
When herding out my father's flocks
By accidence did stray it was there
I met my sailor bold On the banks of sweet Loch Ray.

Good morning to you, fair maid, he said, with a heart so free "
And would you be contented to go along with me
I will dress you like Queen Helen all in your Grecian style
And when we'll go to the town of Boyle

I will there make you my bride."
With a modest blush this fair maid said, your suit I must deny
For I am no way fitting to be a sailor's bride.
Far from my native country I am not inclined to stray
For my heart would break were I to leave The banks of sweet Loch Ray."

Fair maiden, I will not ask you to leave your native place.
We will here set down and court awhile all in this silent place,
We will set down and court awhile among the flowers so gay
And herd your sheep as they do feed On the banks of sweet Loch Ray

Rolled up in the rapture of the night the time stole slowly on.
My love has taken flight and from me he has gone.
I'll never love a young man I never loved any young man half so well
And where to find my sailor bold I'm sure I cannot tell.

My sailor bold he's gone from me and he's crossed o'er the Main.
I mean for to live single until he returns again.
A crown of gold I would bestow and at his feet I'd lay.
I 'd bid adieu forevermore To the banks of sweet Loch Ray

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