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Ten Thousand Miles


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Oh fare you well, my own true love,
So fare you well for a while

I'm going away, but I'm coming back
If I go ten thousand miles

If I prove false to you my love
The earth may melt and burn

The sea may freeze and the earth may burn
If I no more return

Ten thousand miles my own true love
Ten thousand miles or more

The rocks may melt and the seas may burn
If I no more return

And who will shoe your pretty feet
Or who will glove your hand

Or who will kiss your red rosy cheek
When I'm in the foreign land

My father will shoe my pretty little feet
My mother will glove my hand

And you can kiss my red rosy cheek
When you return again

Oh don't you see yon little turtle dove
A skipping from vine to vine

A mourning the loss of her own true love
Just as I mourn for mine

Don't you see yon pretty little girl
A spinning on yonder wheel

Ten thousand gay gold guineas would
I give To feel just like she feels

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