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On The Old Fall River Line


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Words by Wm Jerome & Andrew B Sterling Music by Harry Von Tilzer 1913 

C D7 G7 C G7 C
Talk about your spoo - ning, and moo – ning Take a trip to Boston, it’s fine

C D7 G7 C D7 G7 C
Sailing up the bay boys hur-ray boys I was on the upper deck when I met mine

D Dmaj7 D7 D6 D G D7 G D Dmaj7 D7 D6 D G7
I said Sue …in your sail-or suit you look cer-tain-ly cute (wolf whistle)

On The Old Fall River Line , On The Old Fall River Line

C G7 C Am C D9 D7 D9 G7
I fell for Suzies line of talk and Su - zie fell for mine

C C6 Gm6 Gm Gm6 F
Then we fell in with a parson and he tied us tight as twi-----ne

C Dm C C6 C D7 G7 C
But I wish O Lord I fell overboard On The Old Fall Ri - ver Line

C D7 G7 C G7 C
When the boat is landing they’re standing spooners by the dozen , and more

C D7 G7
While the captains calling and baul - ing

C D7 G7 C
"Is there anybody wants to go a - shore?"

D Dmaj7 D7 D6 D G D7 G
Ev ’ – ry bod - y just answers then

D Dmaj7 D7 D6 D G7
"Turn the boat round a - gain" ……TO CHORUS

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