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Hanging Johnny


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They call me hanging Johnnie,  Horray, Hooray! 

They call me hanging Johnnie, Hang, boys, hang.

They say I hang for money, Horray, Hooray!

But saying so is funny; Hang, boys, hang.

I'd hang the highway robber, Horray, Hooray!

I'd hang the burglar jobber; Hang, boys, hang.

I'd hang a noted liar, Horray, Hooray!

I'd hang a bloated friar; Hang, boys, hang.

Come hang, come haul together, Horray, Hooray!

Come hang for finer weather, Hang, boys, hang.

I'd hang a brutal mother, Horray, Hooray!

I'd hang her and no other; Hang, boys, hang.     

I'd hang to make things jolly, Horray, Hooray!

I'd hang all wrong and folly; Hang, boys, hang.

They call me hanging Johnnie Horray, Hooray!

They call me hanging Johnnie,  Hang, boys, hang.

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