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Bang Lulu

Oscar Brand recorded this on "Bawdy Songs":

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G                                                        D7
Bang away Lulu bang it good and strong,

G                                 C                      G            D7       G
What in the Hell will the Navy do when good old Lulu's gone?

G                                                                  D7
Some girls work in factories, some girls work in stores,

          G                              C                                          G        D7     G 
But Lulu works in a dockside house, with forty other whores.

G                                                       D7
Lulu had a baby, It was her pride and joy

G                                           C                        G               D7      G
Would have named it Lulu but the bastard was a boy....

....... The rest of the song has the same chords

She took me to the picture show, we sat down in the stalls,

And every time the lights went out, she grabbed me in the ... nose.

She took me to the mountaintop and made me on the hill,

`Cause every time I said, "I won't" my echo said, "I will."

I wish I was a diamond ring, on my Lulu's hand,

And every time she scratched her butt, I'd see the Promised Land.

Well, I asked her for to marry me, she said, "That's very nice,

But I'll give you a better deal, I'll let you ride half price."

recorded by Oscar Brand on Bawdy Sea Songs

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