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Why Should We Quarrel For Riches


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How pleasant a sailor's life passes

Who roams o'er the watery main

No treasure he ever amasses

But cheerfully spends all his gain

We're strangers to party and faction

To honor and honesty true

And would not commit a bad action

For power or profit in view

CHORUS after each verse:

Then why should we quarrel for riches

Or any such glittering toys

A light heart, and a thin pair of breeches

Will go through the world, my brave boys

The world is a beautiful garden

Enriched with the blessings of life

The toiler with plenty rewarding

Which plenty too often breeds strife

When terrible tempests assail us

And mountainous billows affright

No grandeur or wealth can avail us

But skilful industry steers right

The courtier's more subject to dangers

Who rules at the helm of the state

Than we that, to politics strangers

Escape the snares laid for the great

The various blessings of nature

In various nations we try

No mortals than us can be greater

Who merrily live till we die

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