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Top Man And The Afterguard


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The topman and the afterguard were walking one day
Said the topman to the afterguard I mean for to pray
For the rights of all sailors and the wrongs of all men
And whatever I do pray for you must answer Amen
Says the afterguard "Amen"

First I'll pray for the bosun with his little stick
He calls out all hands then gives us a lick
Strikes many a brave fellow then kicks him a-main
May the Devil double triple damn him
Says the afterguard "Amen"

Next I'll pray for the Purser who gives us to eat
Spew burgers rank butter and musty horsemeat
With weavily biscuit while he gets the gain
May the devil double triple damn him
Says the afterguard "Amen"

Then I'll pray for them navy officers who hold back our due
We are owed three years wages and prize money too
Well it's no pay for you Jack try next voyage again
May the Devil double triple damn them
Says the afterguard "Amen"

Well the last thing that I'll pray for is a drop of good beer
For the Lord made the liquor our spirits for to cheer
And where we had one pot I wish we had ten
And never never want for grog my boys
Said the afterguard "Amen.

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