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The Nobleman's Daughter


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'Tis of a Nobleman's daughter Most beautiful comely and fair

Her father possessed of great fortune Of thirty-five thousand a year

He had but one only daughter Caroline was her name I've been told

One day from her drawing room window She admired a young sailor bold

His cheeks were like two roses His hair was black as jet

Young Caroline watched his departure Walked round and young

William she met She says I'm a Nobleman's daughter

Possessed often thousands in gold I'll forsake both my father and mother

And wed with you young sailor bold Says William - Young lady remember

Your parents you're bound for to mind For in sailors there is no dependence

When their true love is left far behind Be advised and stay home with your parents

And do by them as you are told And never let no one persuade you

To wed with a young sailor bold She says - There's no one shall persuade me

One moment to alter my mind I'll ship and proceed with my true love

He never shall leave me behind She dressed like a gallant young sailor

Forsook both her parents and gold Two years and a half on the ocean

She ploughed with her young sailor bold Three times with her love she was shipwrecked

And always proved constant and true Her duty she did like a sailor

Went aloft in her jacket so blue Her father long wept and lamented

From his eyes tears in torrents long rolled Till at length they arrived safe in England

Caroline and her young sailor bold Caroline went straightway to her father

In her trousers and jacket so blue Her father he instantly fainted

When first she appeared to his view She cries - Dearest father forgive me

And forever deprive me of gold Grant me one request I'm contented

To wed with my young sailor bold Her father admired young William

And vowed that in sweet unity If life did them spare till the morning

Together they married should be T>hey were married and Caroline's portion

Was ten hundred thousand in gold So now they live happy and cheerful

Caroline and her young sailor bold

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