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The Dark Eyed Sailor


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There was a comely young lady fair She was walking out for to take the air
She met a sailor down by the way So I paid attention so I paid attention
To hear what they would say.

Said William Lady why main alone The night is coming and the day's near gone
She said, while tears from her eyes did fall It's a dark-eyed sailor it's a dark-eyed sailor
That's proving my downfall

Tis three long years since he left the land I took a gold ring from off my hand
We broke the token here's part with me While the other's rolling while the other's rolling
At the bottom of the sea

Said William Lady drive him from your mind Some other sailor as good you'll find
Love turns aside and soon cold does grow Like a winter's morning like a winter's morning
When lands are clothed with snow

These words did Phoebe's fond heart inflame: She said On me you shall play no game
She drew a dagger, and then did cry For my dark-eyed sailor for my dark-eyed sailor
A maid I'll live and die

His coal-black eyes and his curly hair His pleasing tongue did my heart ensnare
Genteel he was and no rake like you To advise a maiden to advise a maiden
To slight the jacket blue

But still said Phoebe I'll ne'er disdain A tarry sailor but treat the same
Go drink his health here's a piece of coin But my dark-eyed sailor but my dark-eyed sailor
Still claims this heart of mine

Then half the ring did young William show She seemed distracted 'twixt joy and woe
Says Welcome William I've got lands and gold For my dark-eyed sailor for my dark-eyed sailor
So manly true and bold                                             
Now in a village down by the sea They're joined in wedlock and well agree
So maids be true when your love's away For a cloudy morning for a cloudy morning
Oft brings forth a pleasant day

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