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Stormy Weather Boys


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We're laying in Surrey Dock one day

When the mate told us to get under way

CHORUS after each verse:

Stormy weather boys stormy weather boys

When the wind blows our barge will go

He's homeward bound but he's out of luck

Cause the skipper's half drunk in the Dog and Duck

Then the skipper came aboard with a girl on his arm

He's going to give up barging and take a farm

So the mate ran forward and the cook fell in the dock

And the skipper caught his knickers in the mainsheet block

We shored her off and away did go

But the skipper's got a bottle of beer below

She fills away and she sails like heck

But there ain't no bargemen up on deck

Then up comes a mermaid covered in mud

So we took her down in the fo'csle and had a good time

The author of this website has put a lot of time and effort into gathering the greatest collection of sea shanties for the world to enjoy - There are songs that have been to sung to a job of work at sea for many, many years and collecting them has been a great endeavour. - Roger Chartier has made the effort out of his own interest and the requests that he has gotten to do this work from fellow musicians who wanted a good source of sea shanties to draw on and learn from. He has been told that for this effort he is a remarkable man.