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Paddy West


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As I was walking down London Street I come to Paddy West's house
He gave me a dish of American hash he called it Liverpool scouse
He said There's a ship and she's wanting hands and on her you must sign
The mate's a bastard the captain's worse but she will suit you fine

Take off your dungaree jacket and give yourself a rest
And we'll think on them cold nor'westers that we had at Paddy West's.

When we had finished our dinner boys the wind began to blow
Paddy sent me to the attic the main-royal for to stow
But when I got to the attic no main-royal could I find
So I turned myself 'round to the window and I furled the window blind 


Now Paddy he pipes all hands on deck their stations for to man
His wife she stood in the doorway a bucket in her hand
And Paddy he cries Now let her rip and she throws the water our way
Crying Clew in the fore the gan'sl boys she's taking on the spray  


Now seeing she's bound for the southward to Frisco she was bound
Paddy he takes a length of rope and he lays it on the ground
We all steps over and back again and he says to me That's fine
And if ever they ask were you ever at sea you can say you crossed the line 


To every two men that graduates I'll give one outfit free
For two good men on watch at once ye never need to see
Oilskins me boys you'll never want carpet slippers made of felt
I'll dish out to the pair o' you and a rope yarn for a belt 


Paddy says Now pay attention these lessons you will learn
The starboard is where the ship she points the right is called the stern
So look ye aft to your starboard port and you will find northwest
And that's the way they teach you at the school of Paddy West 


There's just one thing for you to do before you sail away
Just step around the table where the bullock's horn do lay Ten
And if ever they ask Were you ever at sea  you can say Ten times 'round the Horn
And be jaisus but you're and old sailor man from the day that you were born 


Put on your dungaree jacket and walk out looking your best
And tell 'em that you're an old sailor man that's come from Paddy West's

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