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John Dory


courtesy of - Written in 1609

As it fell on a holy day,

And upon a holy tide, a,

John Dory bought him an ambling nag

To Paris for to ride, a.

And when John Dory to Paris was come

A little before the gate, a,

John Dory was fitted, the porter was witted

To let him in thereat, a.

The first man that John Dory did meet

Was good King John of France, a.

John Dory could well of his courtesy,

But fell down in a trance, a.

A pardon, a pardon, my liege and my king,

For my merry men and for me, a,

And all the churls in merry England

I'll bring them all bound to thee, a.

And Nicholl was then a Cornish man,

A little beside Bohyde, a,

And he manned forth a good black bark

With fifty good oars on a side, a.

Run up, my boy, unto the maintop,

And look what thou canst spy, a.

Who ho, who ho, a goodly ship I do see;

I'd row it to be John Dory, a.

They hoist their sails both top and top,

The mizzen and all was tried, a;

And every man stood to his lot,

Whatever should betide, a.

The roaring cannons then were plied,

And dub a dub went the drum, a;

The braying trumpets loud they cried

To courage both all and some, a.

The grappling hooks were brought at length,

The brown bill and the sword, a;

John Dory at length, for all his strength,

Was clapped fast under board, a

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