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There was a silk merchant in London he did dwell

He had only one daughter and the truth to you I’ll tell

This young lady she was courted by men of high degree

There was none but Jack the sailor would ever do for she

As soon as her waiting maid heard what she did say

She went to her father and there she did betray

Dear daughter if this be true what I have heard of you

Jackie shall be vanished and you confined too

Poor Jackie has gone to sea with trouble on his mind

A-leaving of his country and darling girl behind

She went into a tailor shop got dressed in men’s array

She went onto a vessel to convey herself away


Before you step onboard sir, your name I’d like to know

She smiled all over her countenance they call me Jackaroe

Your waist is light and slender your fingers neat and small

Your cheeks too red and rosy to face the cannonball

I know my waist is light and slender, my fingers are neat and small

But I never change my countenance to face the cannonball


The wars being over she hunted all around

Among the dead and wounded and her darling boy she found

She picked him all up in her arms and carried him back to the town

And sent for a physician who quickly healed his wounds

This couple they got married so well they did agree

This couple they got married and why not you and me     

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