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HMS Hood


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When HMS Hood went down in the deep
That was the news that made mothers weep

For the sons who had fought for a country so proud
Were down there below with the sea as their shroud

They're sleeping in heavenly peace, sleeping in heavenly peace
Then came George V, the Prince of Wales too

They took in hand what the Hood had to do
The Suffolk, the Norfolk, the Cossack as well

Along with the Rodney shelled Bismarck to hell
They sank that ship, oh, we're glad; but for our lads we feel sad

So mothers and wives and sweethearts, be proud
Though your dear lads have the sea as their shroud

They were fighting for freedom, let's never forget
The freedom they fought for will be won yet

They're sleeping in heavenly peace, sleeping in heavenly peace

The author of this website has put a lot of time and effort into gathering the greatest collection of sea shanties for the world to enjoy - There are songs that have been to sung to a job of work at sea for many, many years and collecting them has been a great endeavour. - Roger Chartier has made the effort out of his own interest and the requests that he has gotten to do this work from fellow musicians who wanted a good source of sea shanties to draw on and learn from. He has been told that for this effort he is a remarkable man.