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short drag shanty - about Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 – 1821) 


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Boney was a warrior Away hey ya 

A warrior a terrier, Jean Francois

Boney was a Corsican Away hey ya

A rortin’ snortin’ Corsican Jean Francois

Boney was a general Away hey ya 

A randy dandy general Jean Francois

Boney fought the Roosh-i-ans Away hey ya

The Austrians and the Prush-i-ans Jean Francois

Boney went to Moscow Away hey ya

He lost his army in the snow Jean Francois

Boney went to Elbow Away hey ya  

Boney he came back again Jean Francois

Boney went to Waterloo Away hey ya Jean Francois

Boney he was sent away Away hey ya 

Away to St Helena Jean Francois

Away to St Helena Away hey ya  Jean Francois

Boney broke his heart and died  Away hey ya

Away in St Helena Jean Francois

Boney he is dead and gone Away hey ya

We will sing his funeral song Jean Francois

Boney was a warrior Away hey ya

A warrior, a terrier Jean Francois

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