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New Foundland Shanty

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Up jumps a crab with his crooked legs                 
Saying  - you play the cribbage and I'll stick the pegs


Singing blow the wind westerly, let the wind blow          

By a gentle nor'wester how steady she goes

Up jumps a dolphin with his chuckle-head

He jumps on the deck saying pull out the lead...


Up jumps a flounder so flat on the ground

Saying damn your old chocolate, mind how you sound...


Up jumps a salmon so bright as the sun

He jumped down between the decks and fired off a gun...


Up jumps a whale, the biggest of all

He jumped up aloft and he's pawl after pawl...


Up jumps a herring, the king of the sea

He jumps up on deck saying - helms a-lee...


Up jumps a shark with his big row of teeth

He jumped up between the decks and shook out the reefs...


The author of this website has put a lot of time and effort into gathering the greatest collection of sea shanties for the world to enjoy - There are songs that have been to sung to a job of work at sea for many, many years and collecting them has been a great endeavour. - Roger Chartier has made the effort out of his own interest and the requests that he has gotten to do this work from fellow musicians who wanted a good source of sea shanties to draw on and learn from. He has been told that for this effort he is a remarkable man.