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Bay of Biscay 2

written by Andrew Cherry in the early 1800s


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Loud roared the dreadful thunder

The rain a deluge showers

The clouds were rent asunder

By lightning's vivid powers

The night was drear and dark

Our poor devoted bark

Till next day there she lay

In the Bay of Biscay Oh

Now, dashed upon the billow

Her opening timbers creak

Each fears a watery pillow

None stop the dreadful leak

To cling to slippery shrouds

Each breathless seaman crowds

As she lay till next day

In the Bay of Biscay Oh

At length the wished for morrow

Broke through the hazy sky

Absorbed in silent sorrow

Each heaved a bitter sigh

The dismal wreck to view

Struck horror in the crew

As she lay all that day

In the Bay of Biscay Oh

Her yielding timbers sever,

Her pitchy seams are rent,

When Heaven, all bounteous ever,

It's boundless mercy sent,

A sail in sight appears,

We hail her with three cheers,

Now we sail, with the gale,

From the Bay of Biscay Oh!

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