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Banana Boat Song - Day-O


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E               B7     E         E                                  B7             E
Day – O   Day – O     Day light come and I wanna go home
E                                B7              E     E                                 B7             E
Day,   is a day, is a day ay ay - O,  Daylight come and I wanna go home

E                                                                                       B7           E
Work all night on a drink of rum  (daylight come and I wanna go home)
E                                                                                           B7           E
Stack bananas till the morning come (day light come and I wanna go home)

E                                       B7                            E                             B7            E
Come Mister Tally Man tally me bananas  (daylight come and I wanna go home) 2
E                                                      E                                        B7            E
Lift    6 hand,  7 hand, 8 hand bunch,     (daylight come and I wanna go home)2


    E                                                                                     B7            E
A beautiful bunch of ripe bananas   (daylight come and I wanna go home)
E                                                                                             B7            E
They hide the deadly black tarantula  (daylight come and I wanna go home)

E                                                                                                         B7            E
Clerk man checks but he checks with caution (daylight come and I wanna go home
E                                                                                                   B7            E
My back is broke with sheer exhaustion  (daylight come and I wanna go home)     


E              B7                 E                                    B7            E 
Day – O  Day ay ay – O   Daylight come and I wanna go home  (4 times)

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